Genevieve Angelique

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Welcome to my blog!

Allo! I created this platform originally as a creative outlet solely for myself, but little did I know the journey it would take me on. My first post, King Me #BdayEdition, sparked a desire to continue to share my experiences in the hopes of imparting lessons learned, encouraging others to achieve greatness and of course, contribute to the culture. In pursuing blogging, I’ve since become a photographer, co-produced a podcast, created a niche for event recaps, while also founding my latest endeavor, The Other Boston. The opportunity to follow my dreams and reinvent myself multiple times over has been the most rewarding experience I’ve ever embarked on. Although my journey is not complete, I have come to realize that my passion is to encourage others to follow their own dreams as well. I believe we were all uniquely put here on this earth to share the best parts of us. Let me encourage you to do so! Join me on my journey as I aspire to inspire you! <3

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