Hello there! My name is Genevieve Angelique and I’m a Haitian-American content creator and entrepreneur whose media career began with the November 2016 launch of my lifestyle blog, Lagos Days Paris Nights (now GenevieveAngelique.com). A Cambridge, Massachusetts native with a passion for street art, fashion and bringing community together, my signature pieces are an engaging mix of fashion, lifestyle and encouragement posts. Through my work, I created a niche with event blogging by providing services that include write-ups, photography and social media takeovers. However, I found myself discontent with the lack of black inclusivity in Boston’s social scene, so taking matters into my own hands, I birthed a weekly curated black Boston events listing, known as Boston Come Through (now The Other Boston). Although currently in a re-branding phase, this endeavor has flourished into a central platform to highlight the often overlooked and under-appreciated parts of Boston.

Currently, I’m pursuing a career in radio and work as a Board Operator at Boston’s Hot 96.9FM. I’m also a member of the #She_Builds Global Initiative as the Boston Chapter Deputy where I work to increase the visibility of Haitian women in the Greater Boston area.

In my spare time, I can be found enjoying brunch, photographing the latest street art, upcycling something new for my wardrobe or sharing my thoughts on self-esteem, healthy boundaries and relationships via my signature #ButYouDontHearMeThough posts.

Connect with me by email at info@genevieveangelique.com and keep up with all of my shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!