#She_Builds Boston Launch

She Builds Boston Launch-9.JPG

Consider the #She_Builds Boston chapter activated! The #She_Builds Boston launch was a huge success; chapter Ambassador, Rebecca Obounou, and myself (Boston Chapter Deputy) hosted an intimate She Builds Fireside Chat at the new and hot Infused Kreyol restaurant in Malden.

Guests mingled over drinks, Haitian patties and Infused Kreyol’s signature plantain sandwich, while lots of introductions, conversation and subsequent laughter could be heard. They waited on the main event of the evening, which was the featured Tea Talk with lifestyle influencer and body positive advocate, Chardline Chanel. Chardline and Rebecca had a beautifully candid conversation about Chardline’s work as an influencer, her career in public service specifically around housing policy, and of course, how her Haitian identity has impacted her approach to both. The crowd really resonated with Chardline’s story as a few themes were iterated over and over. Among them included the importance of sisterhood, the strength of Haitian women and the necessity for self care.

By coincidence, the #She_Builds Boston launch also happened to coincide with Chardline’s 30th birthday. In true sisterhood, of course we had to honor her! The evening concluded with surprising Chardline with a really decadent chocolate cake courtesy of of Infused Kreyol!

Also, a special congrats to the winner of our raffle! She won a gift basket from our amazing sponsor, Pleasant Aroma Candles, who were kind enough to gift one of their signature candles along with a bottle of Peach Moscato, two wineglasses and a comfy picnic blanket! Thank you!

Of course, we’ll be doing this again! Join #She_Builds Boston chapter for our next Fire Side Chat scheduled for March 28th, 2019! Tickets are available HERE.

See you then!


Genevieve Angelique