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[WRITE-UP] Dreaming Big with Julissa Calderon of Buzzfeed

If there is one thing I know, it’s that Buzzfeed producer Julissa Calderon is a whole mood! The beautiful Afro-Latina was the featured guest for the October 17th edition of BREAD Boston’s Start Up Classroom. This being her first time to Boston, she was met by large crowd of eager creatives, entrepreneurs and Buzzfeed fans at…

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[WRITE-UP] Curating Collective Effervescence with Trap Karaoke Founder Jason Mowatt

Trap Week Boston came, saw and conquered! A collaborative effort between BREAD Boston & KickBack Boston brought Jason Mowatt, Trap Karaoke founder and director, to Boston for what was originally one night with two events slated to run back to back. Up first was BREAD Boston’s signature Start Up Classroom, where creative…

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[FEATURE | KREYOLICIOUS] How Podcaster Genevieve Angelique Gave Black Boston a Voice Pt. 2

When frustration is released the proper way, and dealt with in a constructive manner, it can actually lead to great things! Fashionista Genevieve Angelique noticed that there wasn’t a platform for people of color in the Boston area to stay abridge of events and discuss events that affected him, so she created…

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[FEATURE | KREYOLICIOUS] How Podcaster Genevieve Angelique Gave Black Boston a Voice Pt. 1

Black Boston has a voice, thanks to Genevieve Angelique, one-half of the Black Boston Come Through podcast team. For about an hour and a few minutes each week, the content producer and podcast maven along with her co-host Crystal Chandler chit-chats about the events, happenings…


[WRITE-UP] May’s Installment of BREAD Boston’s Start-Up Classroom was Such a Breath of Fresh Air!

May’s installment of BREAD’s Start Up Classroom was such a breath of fresh air! Not only did it fall on what was perhaps the hottest day of 2018 thus far, but took place at Dorchester Brewery, which was a nice change of scenery. The featured guest speaker was none other than Anthony Frasier, a tech entrepreneur…

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[WRITE-UP] Black Women in Media Conference: Yandy Smith-Harris, Lil’ Mama & More!

Black women – it is officially our time! This was evident at the 3rd Annual Black Women in Media (BWIM) Conference & Awards Ceremony held last week in New York City. Black Women from all facets of media descended upon the city for what would turn out to be a two day celebration of Black Women…

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[WRITE-UP] Breaking BREAD: The Black Cotton Club & Frugal Bookstore Collaboration

Boston Racial and Economic Active Dialogue, also known as BREAD, is one of Boston’s answers to bridge the racial and economic divide that exists in the city. BREAD’s signature event, their Start Up Classroom, is a space where Boston’s communities of color come together to “express [their] strengths and to share these strengths…

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[WRITE-UP] Do It for the Culture: 8 Black Events You Should Attend Less Your Black Card Be Revoked

Whether you're from the Motherland, the U.K., South America, the Caribbean or the United States - there is one thing about blackness that is undoubtably real; when our melanin comes together, magic truly does happen! It's hard to put into words, but you know what I'm talking about. For me it's similar to the feeling I get when…

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[WRITE-UP] Classy, Not Ashy: Fighting the Winter Skin Blues

Living in the Northeast, I dread the winter time. It’s not the freezing temperatures, or the layers of clothing I have to don (which inconveniently extends my morning routine) that bother me. It’s not even having to warm up the car before l leave to go anywhere, or even the fact that shoveling season is upon us. No. None of….

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[FEATURE] Somerville Media Center’s December 2017 Member of the Month

Here is the latest “Inside the SMC studio,” a monthly blog post highlighting our members and who they are! There is a set series of 10 questions they answer. This month, we hear from Genevieve Bien-Aime, one of the movers and shakers…

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[FEATURE] Being She x Genevieve

The tape of her mind whirs.

It’s morning. Time for battle.

The war? It’s over her self-worth.

Funny. For it is she who plays both offense and…

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[WRITE-UP] I Am My Sister’s Keeper #JusticeForJazzy: Chennel ‘Jazzy’ Rowe

I woke up tired this morning. Why you ask? Because just as I was turning into bed last night, I discovered the#JusticeForJazzy hashtag. I literally spent the next hour watching every video clip, video commentary, reading articles, comments, tweets and posts on the whole matter. And in case you’re not aware of…

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[WRITE-UP] Travel & Lifestyle: 10 Tips to Travel Like a Boss, Part Two

They say travel is the new black and I beg to differ; black will forever be the new black! However, it’s hard to dispute that travel, more than ever, is a tangible status symbol that we all want a piece of. With the onslaught of social media and celebrity obsession it’s hard not to take notice when people are living it up, jet..

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[WRITE-UP] Travel & Lifestyle: 10 Tips to Travel Like a Boss, Part One

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” Man! I tell you, I saw this quote while walking through London’s Heathrow airport and it quickened something in my spirit! I was on my way home to Boston from Spain, where I had the opportunity to spend a week in Madrid and in Seville. It was my second time to Spain…

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[WRITE-UP] When Ex’s Turn Up

Picture this: I awaken early one sunny Sunday morning, and of course the first thing I do is check my phone. It’s exactly 7:05 am and I see I have over ten missed calls in the last twenty minutes. I instantly start to worry with concern because I assume only someone in duress would attempt…