Queens Wear Crowns! #Kuronne

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You may not know this, but one of the main reasons for creating my blog was to create a platform that I could use to share with and uplift others. And if you’ve spent any time around me, you would easily gather that one of the things I’m most passionate about is creative entrepreneurship. It can take a lot of guts to share your craft with the world, especially because fears of failure and rejection are real. Erykah Badu once said, “Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my ish.” Truer words were never spoken. Maybe it’s because I consider myself one, but I seriously admire other creatives and I want to do my part to support.

One such creative entrepreneur is my friend Ritza Cornet, creator of a custom hat line by the name of Kuronne. Kuronne which means ‘crown’ in Haitian-Creole is unique because each hat, (available as either a boater or fedora) is outfitted with a word or phrase, such as ‘For the Culture,’ ‘Black CEO,’ ‘Insecure,’ or ‘Don’t Shoot.’ You can even choose to customize your hat with a word or phrasing of your own choosing. These seriously stylish hats are dope and are great additions to any wardrobe! One hat is all you need to take your outfit from regular schmegular (Cardi B voice) to making a statement when you walk in the room. And might I add, Kuronne is fly in any season!

Ritza Cornet pictured with many of her hats! Photo c/o of D. Irwin.

Ritza Cornet pictured with many of her hats! Photo c/o of D. Irwin.

Inspired by her early childhood memories watching her mother get ready for church, Ritza learned early on how one single hat, “spoke of confidence without her [mother] having to say a single word.” Ritza credits these early memories with shaping her into the woman she is today. And of Kuronne, Ritza says, “It is my hope that my hat line with its political, spiritual, fun, and creative statements will help you wear your truth.” Because we all know at the end of the day, it’s not what they call you, it's what you answer to. 

Check out Kuronne’s website here, and make sure to follow Kuronne on Instagram here!

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The Story Behind the Pictures…

I’d like to extend a special thank you to my beautiful sister friends pictured in these photos. When I undertook this project, I reached out to them and they answered the call. This was well over six months ago and I’m just now getting around to posting about it. (I know, I know! SMH) Thank you ladies for showing up and showing out for me, and a special thanks for your patience! I love y’all!

More about the ladies below...


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Name: Charmine IG Handle: @Bien_Fait_Char I can be found…researching and planning for my future as an educator and a professional in the nonprofit sector. Favorite Feature? My smile. What’s your signature style? Modest, sleek and comfortable. How does a queen rock her crown? A queen rocks her crown by giving selflessly and investing in others.

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Name: Crystal IG Handle: @TheCrystalLens I can be found…in the studio producing TV/Film or on a plane (preferable Jetblue) exploring a new travelista destination. Favorite feature? My favorite features are my smile and my eyes. What’s your signature style? My style is bold and comfy. I like to wear clothes that have a social justice message and make people think but I always prioritize comfort over everything. How does a queen rock her crown? This queen rocks her crown by sharing it with others. A Queen to me is only as good as her legacy and what she leaves behind. So I try my best to share the knowledge and resources I have, making genuine connections with others and by being a wholehearted positive spirit with good energy and warm vibes.

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Name: Julia IG Handle: I’m not on social media much, so no I don't have an IG page. However, on those rare occasions that I am, I can be found on FaceBook HEREI can be found… When I am not busy working my full-time job or being a full-time mom to my 8 year-old, little boy, I enjoy going live to music events, art and comedy shows, food establishments, including food festivals! I’m definitely a foodie! You may also find me purchasing new cosmetic pieces. I love makeup and one day hope to become an in-demand makeup artist. Favorite feature? My favorite physical feature is my smile. As a child I was often made fun of because of my pronounced features. My large nose, forehead and full lips. Over the years, I matured and became more comfortable with myself overall. I learned to embrace my “flaws” and even grew to love them. My smile is my most favorite feature  being that it is often the thing that people see first and because I’m either always laughing, telling jokes or using it as a mask to cover my nervousness. What’s your signature style? I wouldn’t say that I have a signature style. I appreciate all types and varieties of fashion styles. Be it classic/traditional apparel, artsy/trendy, bohemian or even glamorous, I guess it depends on what type of day it is and what mood that I am in. How does a queen rock her crown? This queen rocks her crown with divine, magnificent, feminine POWER!

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Name: Katrina IG Handle: @trinaisallicanbe I can be found…"Hardly home but always reppin." I love exploring different cities and different cultures whenever the opportunity presents itself. Favorite feature? Arms and legs. What’s your signature style? My signature style would consist of colors and patterns (shout out to my West Indian roots lol). My personal style has no limitations. Depending on my mood- I can rock something sporty, classy, or sexy. My thing is you don't have to break the bank to be fashionable. I love a good bargain. Typically staying away from trends allows me to be more flexible with my wardrobe. And finding pieces that work with my figure. How does a queen rock her crown? A Queen exudes confidence while rocking her crown!

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Name: Laura IG Handle: @ms.melj I can be found…walking in my purpose with confidence. Favorite Feature? Cheeks. What’s your signature style? I have a natural, romantic, creative signature style. Light colors are my thing and I love my tops a bit over sized for a comfortable look. How does a queen rock her crown? I think you have to have a balance. To me, a Queen carries her crown with truth and faith. This meaning you have to be true to yourself, but also remember that everything given is from the man upstairs.  Be true to your insecurities with no fear of sharing them, whether that is a little stomach weight or a double chin.  You have to understand that there’s a reason why you were created with those insecurities and you could either cherish it or change it.  Whichever you chose you are still loved and important to the man upstairs.  The crown will always stand when you have faith in your truth.

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Name: Shantell IG Handle: @shantellvictoria I can be found...slaying in the city. Favorite feature? Being God's child. What’s your signature style? Sleek! I love black on black, whether sheer or leather, and lots of heels! How does a queen rock her crown? Classy. Your reputation and appearance is everything. How you carry and respect yourself represents you as a queen. To be classy means to be stylish, superior and elegant; respectable and lovely - that's how I wear my crown as a queen!     

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Name: Wanna IG Handle: @wannac8 I can be found...at the airport, heading to my next adventure. Favorite feature? Physical: eyebrows, not everyone has them. Other: I’m profoundly clairvoyant. I see it all… What’s your signature style? Smart-casual, bold lip, and an Afro! How does a Queen rock her crown? By loving herself inside and out. Living life by her own standards and accepting that you can’t do it all alone (everyone needs a little Jesus in their life). Also, by helping other women adjust their crowns accordingly. Queen up ya’ll!

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