Fashionably Woke! #ReThinkReUse

Fashionable Woke!


I’m not one to care for trends, but if I get with one, it’s for the long haul! Today I want to talk about the sustainable clothing trend. If you stay woke, then you probably already know what that is but for those who may not be as hip, sustainable clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustain-ably grown fabric crops or recycled materials. Considering that April is Earth Month, this is the perfect time to be talking about this. For some context, here are some statistics you may want to consider:

-it takes 700 gallons of water to make one new cotton t-shirt
-54% of North Americans threw away unwanted clothing in 2016
-despite the Massachusetts state-wide initiative launched last year to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfills, 63 percent of Boston area residents admitted that they still threw their used clothing in the trash (9 percent higher than the national average)
-3 in 4 people believe you can’t donate torn or soiled clothing – which is false


So when thrift giant Savers reached out about doing a collaboration around sustainability, my Blogger Boos and I were all in! We met up early this past Saturday morning [April 22, 2017] to peruse the vast aisles of clothing, and came up with some great finds. Specifically, on my person, the top, pants, purse and earrings were all found at Savers and came to a total of $21.50. Yes, $21.50! So in addition to doing my part in preserving dear mother earth, I also saved some coins too! And, with the onset of Spring and eventually that Spring cleaning I’m sure you’re about to embark on, please consider the role you play as well in sustainability – clothing you plan to throw away can certainly be donated at places like Savers. Every bit helps, and if we all do our part, the earth would be better off for it!

How did my blogger boos do? From L to R: Moi, Veronica of House of Amparo, Stavana of Vana Black, Bianca of The Curvy Coalition, Chardline of Chardline Chanel.

For more information regarding sustainable clothing, please refer to Savers State of Reuse Report launched just this month!

*A special thanks to Veronica Brown of House of Amparo for the pics!*

*And a special thanks to Savers Thrift for the collaboration!*

And until next time..


Genevieve Angelique