Bad, Boujee & Thrifted! The Plus Size Edition

When my style blogger friends [@plussizebeausion @houseofamparo @thecurvycoalition] came up with the idea to do a plus size thrifted date night look, I was like “uh oh.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me some clothes and I definitely love me some discounted clothing, but my thrifting experiences being a woman with a little more cushion have sometimes been far from pleasant. Those who can relate – you know the feeling- you walk into the store and you find yourself in the accessory section because that’s where all the merchandise in the store that applies to you can be found. :::le sigh::: So you can imagine, that despite liking the challenge, I wasn’t super thrilled about it.

But one random Thursday evening after work, I found myself at a local thrift store giant. It was a bit out my way, but since it came recommended I figured it must be worth it. I did my usual rounds and I found a few things I liked but nothing that got me excited. Again, you know the feeling – the feeling of a new wardrobe item that you cannot wait to wear! Yeah, that feeling. Well, I wasn’t getting those vibes at all. I was ready to go check out, and I thought to myself ‘just one more go around.’ So here I went; just me and my cart. I turned the corner of the dress aisle, and lo and behold, there it was! My long jean top/dress that I’m wearing in the pictures below! She was hanging at the end of the rack, all by her lonesome, almost as if someone just casually threw her there. I tried her on and she fit; a match made in heaven if you ask me. It especially didn’t hurt that she only cost me a whopping $6.49! Praise GOD!

Now, this thrifting experience wasn’t one of those mind blowing, life changing experiences, however, I picked up a few gems along the way. Thrifting while plus size isn't always easy, but that shouldn't stop you! Sometimes us larger ladies we have a tendency to use our size as a means of discouragement from doing things other folks do, but to be honest, everybody has their struggles. Did you get that?! EVERY. BODY. HAS. THEIR. STRUGGLES! Whether you feel you are too short, too tall, chest is too large, chest is too small, feet too big, feet too small (ok...who am I kidding because no one has ever complained about having little feet) most people have at least one thing about themselves they're not too fond of. Your size is no different, and it definitely shouldn't be a deal breaker in whether you thrift for clothing or even shoot your shot with a guy. In life, you're going to win some and you're going to lose some, but you definitely can't win from the sidelines!


In the meantime, here are some thoughts to guide you through your thrifting experience:

  1. Be open minded. Thrifting requires creativity, and it’s a great way to show off your personal style. I mean, there’s nothing like wearing an outfit that literally no one else can duplicate exactly.

  2. Make several rounds while in the store, and visit often! One of my closest cousins is an avid fan of thrifting and she always has the dopest gear. Her secret – she knows that her favorite thrift store gets their shipments on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, so guess where she is most Saturday mornings and on a Tuesday morning if she can help it? Yup! You guessed it - thrifting!

  3. Most importantly, you need that one sister-friend to tell you the truth! Every outfit is not for everybody, and sometimes we miss the mark. The way my outfit turned out wasn’t exactly how I pictured it in my head. However, when I paired the pants with the top and my home girl did the double take and hit me with the ‘YAAASSSSS BOO BOO,’ I knew I had a winner! A vote of confidence never hurts!


Denim Jean Top: Thrifted

Blue Tee: Old Navy

Jeggings: Torrid

Shoes: Payless

Leopard Clutch Purse: Flea Market find in Barcelona, Spain

Photography: Veronica Brown, House of Amparo


Love always XOXO,



Genevieve Bien-Aime