Set Apart - When Social Media Becomes Too Much!


If you follow me on any of my social media platforms perhaps you may have noticed my absence as of late. A few weeks ago on my radio/podcast, Boston Come Through, I mentioned that this was going to be intentional. Life got real in a lot of ways, and social media, which used to be sort of fun distraction was now a source of pressure and annoyance. Everyone and everything annoyed me. I was becoming more and more obsessed with my social media numbers and engagement, while slowly becoming one of those people I despised. You know them - shallow, pretentious and concerned more with looking the part than actually being the part! I was having a real disconnect with reality and this was not good.

It’s really one thing to be on social media for fun, but when it’s for business, it takes on a whole new agenda of its own. In my defense, it didn’t help that I created a niche that requires me to be on social media ALL THE DAMN TIME. Between blogging about events for my own platform, attending events as one half of Boston Come Through and being a Social Media Ambassador for Secret Boston, oh and don’t forget the added pressures of being an entrepreneur, you can imagine I was over it. 


I was lost for a short time. You can really feel like a leaf blowing in the wind, and not know if you’re coming or going. But God (ya’ll knew it was coming) - he has a funny way of showing up in little ways you don’t expect to let you know that you're good. In this particular instance, it was through Ms. Amaka Agbakoba, CCO of MK Curvy, a fashion brand “built for the modern day woman with a discerning eye for fashionable clothing made from exquisite fabrics with an African vibe”.  (MK Curvy Website) She found me on Instagram and reached out to me to gift me one of her pieces. Of course, I said yes and promptly had my friend and sewing blogger Ebi of Making the Flame take my measurements to send over to Amaka.


A few weeks later, I received the flyest piece of clothing in my closet to date! Amaka handmade one of her beautiful, multicolored Thembi Patchwork Kimonos specially tailored for me! And can I tell you how much I’m in love! This beautiful kimono is colorful, bright and is so light and airy. It’s a one of kind piece that requires no introduction of its own! The moment I put it on, I had a Joseph in the Bible type moment; you know, Joseph who had the coat of many colors? [Read Genesis 37] It was gifted to him by his father as a sign of his father’s love, favor and the fact that he was set apart. He wasn't created like everyone else, and just like Joseph, neither was I. I can't look at other people's (real or fabricated) lives and make inferences about my own. I have to understand that my path is my path. And you know what, that path will have ups and it will have downs. And guess what? That is life!

So what’s the point of this whole story? Here are the cliff notes version :

  1. Things are good even when they're not good! If that thing hasn't killed you, you gon' be alright! #YouGotThis

  2. It's ok to take a break from social media, and guess what, that goes for people too! #PermissionGranted

  3. Don’t believe the social media hype! EVERY THING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE POSTED TO THE GRAM OR THE BOOK! #StopSippingTheKoolaid

  4. Make sure your best life isn’t lived on and/or for social media! #ThatsFacts

  5. Lastly, get you one of these dope MK Curvy Thembi Patchwork Kimonos! It'll change your life :) #Okurrr


Anyways, you can continue to catch me off the Gram or the Book if you can! However, I will be rocking my Kimono at the Annual Skip Work Beach Day happening Friday, July 27th. It’s the summer event you do not want to miss! Find this event and more on the Boston Come Through Black Boston Weekly Events Listing! It's put together by yours truly and drops every Sunday evening - but feel free to hit that subscribe button to get it slid right into your inbox!

Until next time loves...XOXO,

Genevieve Angelique


Outfit Details

Kimono - MK Curvy | IG: @mkcurvy | FB: MKCurvy

Top - Burlington Coat Factory

Skirt - Calvin Klein (thrifted at Savers West Roxbury location)

Hair - Neysa Pierre Francois of Neysa’s Faces

Photos ℅ of Crystal Chandler of The Crystal Lens